Guangzhou the Hengan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional agent and distributor of quality Rihuayuanliao suppliers. With our years of experience in sales, quality products, sharp market insights, professional technical services; won the praise of customers! May our sincere services to help your business bigger and stronger as soon as possible!

Our products are mainly focused on
  Active substance, preservatives, emollients, emulsifiers, conditioning agents quality raw materials.

Our goal
  Become one of the mainstream of daily chemical industry raw material suppliers.

Our commitment
  To provide professional, detailed, and comprehensive technical services;
  Provide high-quality, cost-effective characteristics of raw materials;
  Provide the latest industry information;
  Provide timely service。

Our aim
  People-oriented, integrity of others, and create a win-win situation

Our mission
  Guangzhou Hengan platform, quality products for the carrier, the unity and struggle to create a better life!

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